About us

About Renybuyservices 

Our real estate agency: RENTYBUYSERVICES.COM was started by Tino Hernández and Renée van Loenen. 

Tino introduces himself briefly: 

I was born 51 years ago on Tenerife. 

Because I was allowed to work and live in different countries at a young age, I speak four languages ​​fluently: 

German and 

With my 15 years of experience in real estate, I have now gained a lot of knowledge in the real estate sector, I can therefore, from this point of view, guide you professionally and personally during your search for an apartment for sale, a plot, a house for sale or a finca. 
We can also assist you in the search for a special holiday home to rent.

In addition to my work, I was often asked to translate during, for example: visiting a doctor, reporting to the police, translating papers, filling in light administrative forms, applying for the NIE, etc. 

Precisely because I have always liked to carry out with this help, so that my clients always went home satisfied and well helped, the idea arose to tackle this in an organized, independent and professional way by offering all possibilities within one total package. Within this package, each client is central, each with their own wishes and preferences. 

It is up to Renée and me to make your personal wishes and preferences come true.

Renée will also shortly introduce herself:

I was born 54 years ago in Holland.

In 2008 I made the huge step to immigrate to the wonderful island Tenerife. 
What a beautiful island in the sun to live on!
I enjoy the nature with the great walks on the island, the people, the culture, and of course the lovely ocean.

Since 2010 I have learned a lot from the real estate as I was working for nine years as commercial worker in this section. It feels so good to be allowed to assist clients in their quest to find their perfect place in the sun for: 

living here during the winter
to live here the whole year through
to start a business or 
to take a business over......
 all features are available. 

In the Netherlands, I have spent many years working in the financial business, where customer satisfaction is a huge paramount. Thanks to this experience, and my successful completion of a BACHELOR degree (Economics) , I know how nice it is to help our clients in a very personal way, and should guide them from the start to the end and more!

Tino, and I will welcome you warmly at Tenerife and we would like to invite you to contact us to let us know if you need a real estate agent, or a translator we are happy to guide you during your search for the perfect real estate, whether you want to buy or to rent!