What to do and what to see


Explore the Island's most remote spots, discover the wildlife that inhabits them and revel in natural beauty at its purest.


If you are passionate about cycling, come and lose yourself on Tenerife's staggering mountain passes and experience the peaceful solitude of its forest tracks. If you are more of a hiker, feel free to explore the magical paths and trails that criss-cross the Island. Or why not take a leisurely drive on its network of roads or immerse yourself in its traditions and customs on a themed walking tour? The possibilities are endless and the choice is entirely yours. 


People will think you're crazy for getting up before the crack of dawn and running for miles on end. Others won't understand why you are always on the lookout for a higher mountain, a longer wave, stronger winds... Some will say it's all you ever think about and that your sights are always set on the next competition. And they are all right! Every minute that goes by while you're not doing what you love is simply time ticking away. Sport is an intrinsic part of your existence and life would not make sense without it.


Picture a unique scene where the capricious twisting tongues of lava have created small pools for you to lose yourself in and feel at one with nature. You look around you and marvel at the mountains reaching up to touch the sky, while waves break against the walls of the natural swimming pool you are calmly floating in.

Picture the crystal clear salty water, its refreshing effect as you jump in, its healing power and the magnificent sunsets you can witness from there while you chat, read or simply lie back and relax.

Fancy a dip? 


How do you picture the beach when you close your eyes?

Is it covered in golden sand and bathed in a calm ocean disappearing into the horizon? Or maybe you can hear the waves breaking over the rocks on the shore. Perhaps you would like to see your feet sinking into the warm black sand as the salty drops on your skin evaporate under the sun. You might see yourself floating on the calm surface, diving down to explore the volcanic ocean floor or enjoying your favourite sport amongst the waves...

If you daydream about all or any of these experiences, you're picturing Tenerife. 

Historic sites

Sometimes, a place's charm is best taken in with the simple pleasure of a peaceful stroll, making you feel like time has come to a halt and is resting somewhere nearby. Here, you will discover corners that are so well-preserved it seems as if the passing of time has not changed anything at all. Plenty of architectural wonders are waiting to transport you back to the longest-standing traditions and show you how the old can be balanced with the new.

Lookouts points

As children, we probably all dreamt of being a giant, covering thousands of leagues in a single stride and looking down on everything from on high. That is what you might feel like as you step onto the steep mountain slopes of Tenerife and up over the clouds to get the best possible view. From way up on high in the most astonishing lookout points, through your giant's eyes, you will discover that there are always new details to take in, a new perspective as the sun's rays shine at a new angle, an unknown point of view that makes your breath catch in your chest. That is what Tenerife's lookout points have to offer you. So step into your giant exploring shoes and open your eyes wide.

Must sees

The island of Tenerife is full of charming spots – the kind of places that will make you struggle to find the words to describe them or explain how it feels to be there. An impressive volcano, magical laurel forests, buildings with impossible structures and staggering cliffs by the sea. These are Tenerife's must-sees that you simply cannot miss as they represent the very essence of the Island.